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Using AI and smartphone technology to give a voice to people who cannot verbalise their pain

PainChek® artificial intelligence assesses facial-micro

PainChek® six domains of pain

assessment that calculates pain severity score

expressions that are indicative of the presence of pain

Transforming pain management

READ MOREPainChek The App for Intelligent Pain Assessment

Transforming pain management

READ MOREPainChek The App for Intelligent Pain Assessment

PainChek® protecting the vulnerable by safely assessing pain during the COVID-19 pandemic

PainChek® is also a safe and rapid pain assessment App that complies with social distancing requirements and infection control procedures, minimising risks for patients, residents and their carers.
The App is downloadable to standard smart devices, with on-line training available for carers through our eLearning platform. The pain assessment takes no more than 3 minutes to complete and storage of pain scores is automatic, eliminating the need for handling paper.

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Pain and COVID-19: The Perfect Storm

In this white paper, Philip Daffas, CEO of PainChek, Carol Bennett, CEO of Painaustralia, and Dr Jennifer Abbey AM, founder of the Abbey Pain Scale, address the key challenges brought about by COVID-19 and share how PainChek can improve quality of life for people with chronic pain during, and after the pandemic.

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Australian Federal Government funded for 12 months.

A fully funded, 12 month PainChek® license is now available for all Australian Residential Aged Care facilities.
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Changing the way pain is managed in the home.

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