ASX Announcements

Confirmation of Release – PCK – PCK Expands Integration Partnerships with CMS Providers – 17 August 2020

Confirmation of Release – PCK – Amended Release – Acceptance of Patent Application in China – 14 August 2020

Confirmation of Release – PCK – PainChek Granted Patent in China – 14 August 2020

PainChek completes $10 million Placement  – 11 August 2020

June 2020 Quarterly Update – 28 July 2020

Appendix 4E Preliminary Final Report to the Australian Securities Exchange – 30 June 2020

PainChek plans Canadian regulatory clearance and market entry – 10 June 2020 

PainChek® granted Australian patent for pain assessment invention – 8th May 2020

PainChek achieves 50% + growth in aged care beds, clients and facilities during March 2020 quarter – 30 April 2020

Appendix 4C – Quarterly cash flow report for entities subject to Listing Rule 4.7B – 31 March 2020

PainChek submits FDA Pre-Submission Supplement- 14 April 2020

PainChek achieves more than 44,000 licensed beds including 25,000 as part of federal government initiative, triggering initial $1.25M payment – 19 March 2020

Coronavirus: Impact minimised by PCK’s digital business model – 12 March 202

PainChek® continues excellent progress with significant contract uptake in the residential aged care market – December 2019 Quarterly Update – 30 January 2020

PainChek® secures Japanese patent, progressing global expansion  – 15 January 2020

Update on PainChek® business performance – 23 December 2019

Dementia and Aged Care Services (DACS) grant funding contract for national trial of PainChek® signed – 4 December 2019

PainChek UK confirms first orders, expands presence in the UK market – 3 December 2019

Enliven (Presbyterian Support Southland) license PainChek® monitoring technology across 5 aged care homes and 300 beds in New Zealand – 26 November 2019

Appendix 4C – Quarterly report for entities subject to Listing Rule 4.7B – 30 September 2019

PainChek® partner with Ward Medication Management for a national roll-out of pain assessment software in residential aged care – 17 October 2019

PainChek builds UK market presence, recruits Head of UK Business Development – 5 September 2019

PainChek® receives Singapore regulatory clearance 6 August 2019
2nd Tranche of Placement Received – 29 July 2019

Quarterly Update – April-June 2019

PainChek® granted US patent for pain assessment invention – July 24th 2019

PainChek® achieves International Markets Milestone Signs UK Market Distribution Agreement with Person Centred Software – 27 May 2019

Appendix 4C Quarterly report for entities subject to Listing Rule 4.7B – 31 March 2019

Quarterly Update – January to March 2019

Morrison Government $5m Grant for PainChek trial in Aged Care – 29 April 2019

Churches Of Christ in Queensland license PainChek® monitoring technology across 1,000 residential aged care beds – 9 April 2019

Appendix 3B – New issue announcement, application for quotation of additional securities and agreement – 2 April 2019

Appendix 4D Half Year Report the Australian Securities Exchange (31 December 2018)

Quarterly Update: December 2018

PainChek®, Allity and Ward Medication Management use facial recognition software to Personalise Pain Management in aged care setting – 16 January 2019

PainChek® fast tracking UK commercialisation with trade award support- 10 December 2018

Uptake of new PainChek® app drives better quality aged care – 28th September 2018

Allity Aged Care partners with PainChek to bring pain monitoring technology to its residents – 10th September 2018

PainChek® Investor update – 31st July 2018

National roll out of PainChek® with Dementia Support Australia (DSA)follows successful pilot (14th June 2018)

Dr Jennifer Abbey joins PainChek Ltd clinical advisory board (4th June 2018)

PainChek™ receives FDA regulatory guidance (9th May 2018)

Quarterly Update January to March 2018 (24th April 2018)

 PainChek Training Video (6th April 2018)

PainChek signs commercial agreement with leading ANZ software system provider Health Metrics (27th March 2018)

Appendix 4D Half Year Report to the Australian Securities Exchange (31st December 2017)

ePAT Technologies Ltd company name change to PainChek Ltd (15th December 2017)

Excellent performance of PainChek™ confirmed in second peer-review paper (13th December 2017)

PainChek™ Children’s App commercialization timelines on track (15th November 2017)

ePAT and PainChekTM continue to achieve commercial milestones (8th November 2017)

Quarterly Update (July – September 2017)

PainChek™ trademark and branding supports commercialisation drive (10th October 2017)

ePAT accelerates commercialisation at National Alzheimer’s Conference Melbourne 17th- 20th October (26th September 2017)

Melbourne 17th-20th October (26th September 2017)

ePAT Raises $3.75 million via Heavily Subscribed Placement (18th September 2017)

ePAT signs core strategic agreement with Dementia Support Australia DSA  (6th September 2017)

Confirmation of Release – EPT – Appendix 3B

Confirmation of Release – EPT – ePAT Clinical Study Published in Alzheimer’s Disease Journal (15th August 2017)

nViso agrees perpetual global license, takes strategic stake in ePAT (24th July 2017)

ePAT Pain Assessment App Secures Regulatory Clearance (19th July 2017)

New study validates face recognition app in pain detection (4 July 2017)

ePAT Technologies Ltd Investor Presentation (June 2017)

Third Quarter Report FY (2016/17)

Third Quarter – Appendix 4C (2016/17)

ASX announcement – IBM case study (March 2017)

Notice of AGM ePAT Technologies Limited (20th October 2016)

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Prospectus (25August-2016)