Home Care expansion.

To date, PainChek® has quickly grown its penetration of beds in Residential Aged Care homes – helping staff to improve pain assessment of residents living with dementia.

PainChek® is now taking an important next step in its market expansion plans. This aims to give a voice to those people who live in their own home. This includes older people and those with a disability, suffering multiple chronic conditions and in pain, as well as those with sensory, cognitive and mental health impairments.

With an ageing population, there is a growing pressure on the demand of an already over-burdened public health system. At the same time, there is an increase in government funding for the help and care of older people as they live independently at home. With both market and funding expansion, PainChek® is strongly positioned for long-term growth.

Given PainChek®’s digital footprint and operation, we are now partnering with several Home Care and Disability Service providers. This is a precursor to rolling out the technology into the mainstream home care market.

PainChek® benefits include:

  • Person centric – giving a voice to those who are unable to verbalise pain.
  • Clinically validated – quantifiable pain assessment tool.
  • Empowering – supporting a workforce who operate remotely.
  • Accessible – particularly helpful in regional and remote areas where there is limited access to services, and for those whose mobility is limited.
  • Evidence based – quantifiable pain levels, at the point of care.
  • Continuity of care – seamless ongoing monitoring by GPs, carers and relatives.
  • Efficient – reducing manual processes and uplifting reporting.
  • User-friendly – eLearning platform and easy to operate.
  • Sustainable – helping the aged care and disability sector meet current and future workforce challenges.