Residential aged care homes have completed over 180,000 successful pain assessments worldwide.

The first PainChek® clinical pain assessment in aged care was at the Barossa Village facility in South Australia. Three years on, PainChek® has expanded across the whole of Australia and indeed the globe.

PainChek® now operates in over 730 aged care facilities completing over 180,000 assessments in the last year. This has enabled more accurate treatment for their residents who cannot verbalise pain – particularly those living with dementia.

With a growing population needing care, the Australian Government took the unprecedented step in the aged care sector to further support PainChek® with a $5M grant making PainChek® more accessible.

The UK, Singapore and New Zealand all have a growing number of pain assessments, whilst Canada, the US, Japan and parts of Europe are all awaiting regulatory clearance.

As a totally digital healthcare solution, the operation of PainChek® has been unaffected through the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing pain assessments to continue whilst observing social distancing rules.

Finally, PainChek® integrates immediately in to care management systems allowing for easy access and much reduced administration for aged care staff.

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Pain assessments worldwide.